Woe be the soul who must memorize declared years of Vintage Ports

by  |  13-03-2020

A less glamorous aspect of advanced wine studies–especially when it comes to the of the Court of Master Sommeliers–is the requirement to have at the ready, all the years where Vintage Ports were declared. “Oh easy!” you might cry out before realizing I’m talking about Port, a dessert wine which almost no one drinks with regularity these days. But, for someone who does, they would probably say, “There was like 2017 and 2016, very cool back-to-back declarations. I think 2011. 2007 was good too, no?” This is all true, yet inadequate as all these vintages would be too young to drink and honestly, even having this much knowledge of Port is rare. You see, for most everyone else, the assumption would probably be that if there’s a year on it, then, like in Champagne, it must be good or they wouldn’t have stated the year on the label? (As a […]
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