A smattering of Portuguese wines

by  |  24-04-2017

All my British acquaintances seem to possess an uncanny ability to deride something in its entirety using one sentence or less. A former work colleague summed up Portugal as, “That shitty little scrap of land on the Atlantic?” (see John Oliver for more.) And this was the largely-held attitude towards the wines overall for some time with the exceptions of Port, Madeira, and maybe Vinho Verde. As the reinvention-as-a-modern-wine-region story has been pressed out for the last 10 years now, Portugal was indeed rather uninteresting in terms of its dry, still wines for some time, but then people started turning an eye to quality and now of course, “they’re a great value for the money”. It’s a narrative that Spain can’t seem to escape, so while it may draw initial attention, good luck ever breaching the 15€ a bottle mark if just making clean wine at reasonable prices is your […]
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