A bit of the pre-Douro: Niepoort – Diálogo Tinto 2015

by  |  03-06-2019

Today I find myself freshly arrived in the Douro Valley, apparently slipping in on the end of a mini heatwave. The last time I came here, I ended up driving through rampant forest fires. This time was far less adventurous, taking the train that meanders its way partly amongst the vines of Minho and partly along this most mighty and crucial of Portuguese rivers. The reasons to make this trip are numerous, but what tilted the balance was receiving an invitation to the first edition of “Primeira Prova“; a tasting of the new wines from 26 wineries in the Douro as well as Porto DOPs. As I understand, this event has taken place previously in other forms and was based down in Lisboa. This is the first year that they’ve bundled it up under this name and with scheduled “silent tastings” that allow those participating to taste through over 150 […]
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