An introduction to Empordà wines

by  |  13-06-2015

Many who come to the region of Costa Brava for holidays aren’t aware that there is a thriving wine scene waiting to be discovered that offers up no end of reasons to not buy some insipid bottle of cheap Rioja in a cheap beach supermarket. If you happen to want a little help to learn more about the local wines, buy the book or book a wine tour. If however you want to choose the self-study route, here are a few recommended wines to try. These are not wines that will blow your mind with profundity, depth, or “expression of the terroir”. These are wines that show what Empordà does quite well in that it can produce very easy-to-drink wines that are light on the palate, great with food, and quite easy on your wallet. Of course, it’s also recommended to check out the higher-end offerings of La Vinyeta and […]
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