Dalmatian grape invaders

by  |  08-05-2015

There is a bigger, boomier, more extracted article looming about the current state of Dalmatian wines as I tasted last month at the Dalmacija Wine Expo in Split, Croatia but for now, I present this snippet. You see, the group at Taste of Croatia came up with doing a master class on foreign varietals in Dalmatia. Me being American by birth but Croatian through family descent and having returned to Croatia, they thought it would amusing to toss a Croatian football jersey on me with an “I Love Zagreb” hat (I guess the Dalmacija variant wasn’t available) representing the foreigner on Croatian soil to give my opinion of the wines as well as looking like a sausage stuffed in to a šahovnica casing. Marion Podolski wrote up the whole thing on her site Go Hvar as well as for Taste of Croatia. But naturally, I’m opinionated and so following are […]
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