The Lasina of Bibich & Sladić

by  |  11-11-2015

Hop around the Balkans for even a short time and you get to make friends with a lot of new grapes. While those in the know have possibly heard of Plavac Mali or that Zinfandel is originally from Croatia (which it’s called Crljenak or Tribidrag) few have heard of the grape, Lasina. If you have, bravo! You get a free copy of my Dalmatia wine guide. Lasin is very much a native grape of Dalmatia but the relation to other grapes in the region has as of yet been undetermined. But as is typical, it has other names too including: Krapljenica (which sounds patently horrible in English), Kutlarica, Lasin, Lasina Crna, & Vlasina. It’s probably good that Lasina became the favored name. Even though it’s a rather rare grape, it’s reasonably easy to cultivate and doesn’t have problems with fungal diseases, so that’s fun. It is however used mostly in […]
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