The Bibich 2004 Sangreal Merlot

by  |  06-07-2011

Obviously, Merlot has had a bad name as of late, no thanks in part to the quintessential line in Sideways: No, if anyone orders Merlot, I’m leaving. I am NOT drinking any fucking Merlot! To a certain degree, this is deserved. A great many bottles of Californian Merlot are squalid, watery, undefined, over-oaked grape juice. It’s understandable why someone would get a very, very bad view of this particular grape if they only taste American reds (although there are some good ones hiding about). It needs to be noted though that once you cross the Atlantic, things change a great deal, as can easily be seen in Alen Bibich’s Sangreal Merlot. We first encountered this wine several years ago, sitting out at Alen’s joint café venture, “Alante” in Skradin, Croatia. It was a potently hot July with the days peaking around 37C and the nights not particularly any cooler other […]
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