Vina Bibich: The wines of Bibich

by  |  19-10-2011

With a recent visit from Anthony Bourdain & No Reservations, Bibich is a name (not to be confused with Babić or Babich) that is getting the attention it deserves. Oddly though, the wines that winemaker Alen Bibich produces don’t seem to be well received by some domestic wine critics in Croatia, earning a most undeserved two out of four stars from one a national wine reviewer. We would argue that not only is the rating ludicrous, but that he is one of the finest winemakers in Dalmatia. Based in Skradin (about an hour from Zadar), the Bibich wines tend to lean more towards New World characteristics (bold and strong qualities), which always comes as a surprise for those tasting them for the first time. The staple vintages of Debit and the Riserva R6 (a blend of Plavina, Lasin and Babić) are great, food-centric wines. On the higher end, his Mantra […]
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