Bibich – Bas de Bas 2013

by  |  25-11-2017

When in Split, Croatia in 2015 to do a presentation at Dalmacija Expo, I spent a few rewarding nights bopping around the city–something I’ve rarely done in lieu of mainly hanging out in the now very touristic Old Town. One evening, I did end up in the Old Town at a bar I seem to recall was called Fluid (but which I could easily be remembering incorrectly) where a group of American tourists said to a server, “Give us your best wine!” For those who don’t know, in server-speak this translate to, “Give us your best most expensive wine!” and thus the guy pulled out a bottle of Bibich’s Bas de Bas. At something like 100€ for the bar price, this was indeed the most expensive bottle in the place which had mostly to do with the fact that at time, the only wine they carried was Alen’s. But even […]
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