Taste the R5 Riserva while you can

This small-production white (only 300 cases) is by one of our favorite Croatian wineries: Bibich in Skradin. The 2008 R5 Riserva is a curious wine. Overall, when chilled to the recommended 12-15C it is very pleasant with meals such as a radish and chicken salad with an avocado dressing or a bottle to enjoy on a warm day to refresh.

In the glass, it has a lovely, almost amber color that is reminiscent of the much more costly (yet oh so delicious) Lučica. Aromas are light and crisp with a touch of pear and hints of acidity that come out a good deal more in the body. It’s soft, light and has slightly oily attributes to it that give the smallest bit of vanilla flavors.

A rather wild blend of Debit, Pošip, Maraština, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay, it sits in American oak for 12 months and has a 12.5% alcohol to it. That would probably be our only criticism in that the oak comes out a tad too strongly, especially as it breaths, but the amount is such that it should fade a bit after a small time in your cellar (or downstairs closet as the case may be).

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