Californian Wines

Ridge – Frediani Valdiguié 2021

by  |  25-09-2023

When I was still working for a winery in Napa Valley many years ago now, my mom asked me, “Hey, what ever happened to Gamay Beaujolais? That was one of my favorite Napa wines, but... more »

Vinovalie Sans Culotte Blanc 2020

by  |  01-09-2023

I won’t lie, there’s an excitement for me in discovering new wines and it’s why the core of this site is to “be wine curious.” I do realize for the vast majority of winedrinkers, this... more »

Vall Llach – Embruix 2021

by  |  31-07-2023

While compiling this year’s lengthy Priorat report, I realized that I’ve tasted Vall Llach’s Embruix wine a good number of times. In fact, it would probably my most-tasted wine from Priorat with the exception of... more »

López de Heredia – Viña Tondonia Reserva 2011

by  |  17-07-2023

Despite the crippling writers and now actors strike in the US, we live in an age where we don’t generally suffer for choice in terms of the media that we consume whether that be in... more »

Pepe Raventós – Mas del Serral 2012

by  |  03-07-2023

Viewing it as just another year in the grand litany of years we’ve accumulated as a species, I’ve nothing against 2012. In fact, I look back on it rather fondly as I’d just moved to... more »

Domaine Faiveley – Bourgogne Rouge 2020

by  |  31-05-2023

There is nothing polemic, nor breaking news in stating that Burgundy wines are quite expensive these days. It’s a fact that seems to just be getting ‘factier’ with each passing vintage which seems to produce... more »

Castell d’Encus – Acusp 2020

by  |  19-05-2023

Despite fake news and all the other problems hanging over us as a people, there are indeed some truths that remain such as: what goes up must come down, you can lead a horse to... more »

G.D. Vajra – Langhe 2020

by  |  17-04-2023

It’s one of many infamous questions on a higher-level wine exam: “Name three Italy DOCGs for Nebbiolo, not including Barolo.” The quick thinker immediately blurts out “Barbaresco!” and then it gets a bit murkier with... more »

Remelluri – Lindes de Remelluri – San Vicente 2012

by  |  20-03-2023

It’s just over seven years ago that “The Manifesto” was signed by 150 individuals in the Spanish wine scene at Club Matador in Madrid. The base for this manifesto was quite simple in that it... more »

Château Musar – Rouge 2002

by  |  10-02-2023

It is a strange fact of life that there always seems to be a bottle of Château Musar in the cellar. I’m never fully sure from whence they come, but I know that it’s not... more »