In The Glass

Remelluri – Lindes de Remelluri – San Vicente 2012

by  |  20-03-2023

It’s just over seven years ago that “The Manifesto” was signed by 150 individuals in the Spanish wine scene at Club Matador in Madrid. The base for this manifesto was quite simple in that it... more »

Château Musar – Rouge 2002

by  |  10-02-2023

It is a strange fact of life that there always seems to be a bottle of Château Musar in the cellar. I’m never fully sure from whence they come, but I know that it’s not... more »

Alicia i Josep Viticultors: Tentiber – Vi de Paratge 2019

by  |  26-01-2023

I was recently asked by a colleague, “Do you ever get tired of drinking Priorat wines?” My face must have gone some form of a ghastly confusion as he quickly followed up with, “I mean,... more »

In The Glass: Château de Gragnos – Lou Daro 2021

by  |  23-01-2023

While not Burgundy, Languedoc is one of the more complex regions in Southern France what with about 25 appellations covering its lands. Given that it’s about 140km long, there’s often a manner of talking about... more »

In The Glass: Angelo d’Uva Lagena 2017

by  |  28-11-2022

Repeat after me, “Variety synonyms, yay!” Indeed, not terribly catchy and also one of those things that makes people scream indiscriminately at either their screen or wine list, depending on if wine studier or drinker.... more »

Xinomavro Day & Kelesidis – Merhali 2016

by  |  01-11-2022

Admittedly, I’m not often a fan of these “International ________ Days” that celebrate a specific variety… unless of course I happen to really love that variety. So, with that out of the way, let’s all... more »

In The Glass: Defilippi i Gessi – Crocetta 2021

by  |  19-10-2022

This has been a year of the unforeseen (see: Russian invasion) but if you were to ask me what I wouldn’t have expected in a wine context, in no way shape or form would I... more »

In The Glass: Elena Fucci Titolo 2019

by  |  03-10-2022

There remain those who may be convinced that wine choices of the future will all be via a “discovery engine“. The only way I’ll buy into that is if, like in Demolition Man’s version of... more »

In The Glass: Domaine de Bila-Haut – L’Esquerda 2018

by  |  22-07-2022

My fascination with Roussillon, France isn’t just because it’s the land that was historically Catalunya Nord (Northern Catalunya), but more that it’s neither here nor there. It’s most definitely not Languedoc (to which it is... more »

In The Glass: Drouhin Vaudon Chablis 2018

by  |  24-06-2022

It’s not a terribly bold statement to say that blind tasting is challenging. In addition to the wealth of wines around the world and countless ways to vinify the same variety in a different manner,... more »