And by simply stating, “To Croatia!” Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations announced his newest trip, heading to Croatia and more specifically to the Dalmatian Coast, although in later tweets he went on about traveling through Istria, including a shot of netting a shark that promptly put him on the defensive that they weren’t “finning” and that it’s a staple of the diet in Istria.

Then he went on to Pag, no doubt to try the Paški sir at the source and kick it with the happy sheep. In the process he’s showing that while it looks like fun, they cover a lot of ground and there is little sitting around when doing one of these shows as he next popped in to Skradin and had the local take on risotto (Skradinski rižot) as well as taste the wines of Alen Bibich. After this whirlwind tour, it was back home for Tony.

There are definitely those who aren’t fans of Bourdain’s brash, cuss-forward manner, but we quite enjoy him as he isn’t afraid to speak his mind as well as have an insanely open attitude to any manner of food around the world. That and the fact that he’s worked as a chef for many years helps to make him something of a food celebrity that isn’t talking out of his ass. He may glow a bit much on eating some seriously out there meals (like the ass of a warthog) but that’s what give his show such great appeal.

The Croatian Coast episode is airing April 23rd. Check out the pretty fantastic media tidbits that they’ve put out prior to the show.

If you want a preview of what he tasted on the wine front, check out our Dalmatia wine guide.


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