The rest of 2016

by  |  05-01-2016

Continued from yesterday, a few more observations about what’s to come in 2016 in general and outside of Catalonia. Southern France I just received an email from Michel Blanc in Châteauneuf going on at length about what a great harvest 2015 was. Those in the Rhône Valley as well as Languedoc and Roussillon will be riding this in to 2016 as some of these wines come to market. 2014 will continue to be not talked about although apparently the whites were excellent. When I was up at the 40th anniversary party of Decanter magazine in October, the folks I spoke to there about trends in France kept emphasizing that Languedoc is really where it’s at and where it will be. And it’s true, given their shoddy reputation in the past for thin, aggressive wines, they’ve nowhere to go but up and this trend will most likely continue throughout 2016. They’ll […]
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