Talking about Croatia

by  |  15-07-2016

When living in Spain, it’s difficult to keep up with writing about Croatia, which was actually one of the first regions in Europe that I wrote about and traveled through extensively for the Dalmatia wine guide. It’s most definitely still on my radar and I write about it whenever the opportunity comes up so I wanted to share a couple of articles that I (and others) have recently written. The first one came out this week and is a lengthy post covering the coastal wines of Croatia for the Guild of Sommeliers (see, What is the Guild of Sommeliers?). I was toying around with the idea of splitting it up in to an article on Istria and an article on Dalmatia as these two wine regions are completely different from one another and share no common soils, grapes, nor climates. They just both happen to sit on the Adriatic Sea […]
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