Never forget the Mali Plavač

by  |  02-01-2013

While dousing ourselves in San Francisco over the holidays, a friend invited us over for a Szechuan hot pot dinner. Despite eating out a lot in SF over the last two weeks, it was, without a doubt one of the most fantastic things we had to eat there. A couple of neighbors stopped by and brought some wine, specifically, the “Grifone Primitivo 2010” from Trader Joe’s. This wine hasn’t gone without notice. Given that it’s priced at $4 a bottle, several people in the US have picked it up and reviewed it, such as here and here. Our impressions of it were generally neutral. It’s a decent wine with food, but nothing mind-blowing. The price of course is its biggest selling point in a country where anything that costs less than $10 and doesn’t make you hate yourself the next day is a winner. What was most interesting about it […]
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