Visiting Vinarija Bartulović

by  |  15-07-2011

When you twist and turn along the road up Pelješac, you eventually come to the village of Prizdrina which is the home of Bartulović winery. It quickly becomes obvious that the son, Mario, has been running the business as there are two marked differences with the Bartulović winery. One is that there is none of the baroque gold littering the bottles and the other is that you can actually find this winery. There are signs from the road, a nice parking lot, and a path through some trees leading up to it. It’s a nice effect with a nice cellar waiting at the end of the path. Bartulović has been modernizing over the last few years, which is something that all of the winemakers in the area are having to contend with. For instance, this winery was still using the same 220 year-old wine press that they had always used […]
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