Kiridžija – Dingač 2013

I have more than a soft spot when it comes to the wines of Vedran Kiridžija. It was exactly a decade ago that I visited him for the first time when researching the Dalmatia book and what was remarkable back then was how hard it was to find him. He also spoke no English.

As the years have passed along, despite the fact that you still won’t just stumble upon his winery accidentally if in Potomje, all the winemakers in the region know him well and view him as something of a godfather to the Dalmatian wine scene. Well, maybe not everyone, but honestly, I have no interest in tasting those who don’t.

It was the 2005 and 2006 vintages that I was tasting a decade ago and the wonderful quality to Vedran’s wines is how understated they are while still being very much Dalmatian. He’s able to keep extraction and tannins all in line while at the same time producing age worthy, varietal-pure definitions of the regional wines.

This particular bottle of 2013 I picked up while I was in Zagreb doing a Grenache tasting in February. I was surprised to find that Vedran has picked up a bit of English along the way and we had a little chat which showed that he was the same, quiet, contemplative man he’s always been. With this wine, it shows that those who know how to work with these grapes can produce some stellar wines and 2013, much as was the case in Eastern Spain, was a vintage for the ages.

Dingač 2013
Ruby with a garnet crest. Menthol, eucalyptus, integrated vanilla and toasted notes, light cigar, graphite, red cherry, ripe young plum, touch of lively volatility. Balanced and fleshy on the palate, good depth and solid mid palate with a long finish. Alcohol more prevalent at the moment but still full of rich red fruit and forest berries. Wine to age.

100% Plavac Mali 15% 22€