Vinarija Dingač, the other Dingač

by  |  22-11-2011

This winery (Croatian: vinarija), is the biggest producer in the area. They are able to churn out 1.5 million liters of wine a year, which is more than all the other producers combined. Of course, they’ve had something of an advantage, being that they were the former Communist cooperative for the region when Croatia was part of Yugoslavia lurking just to the left of the Dingač tunnel in Potomje. The winery was heavily built up to accommodate massive production, seeing as how it was forbidden for the local growers to bottle and age their own wines, thus making for only one outlet in the area: Dingač Winery. Today, despite the free market economy taking hold, some 290 families are cooperants in the Dingač production facility. They produce a large swath of wine levels, starting at sub ‘stolno’ bulk wines where you can fill up your own bottle from a tap […]
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