Dingač 2009 Pelješac Plavac Mali

by  |  25-07-2011

Despite what is now years of promotion, Croatian wines are still a relatively unknown although more and more people are being exposed to them. Naturally, the difficulty in this is that people are unfamiliar with the grapes that grow there, one of the primary varietals being Plavac Mali. While one can describe what Plavac Mali is words only go so far in helping this along. You need to taste the wine to fully understand it and the Dingač 2009 Pelješac is a bottle that I find to be one of the most truthful representations of this grape. Lately, there have been a lot of wines coming out of Croatia that have been big, bold, and often full of oak. All of these wines are enjoyable, but a great many of them are betraying their roots and are trying to play to what it seems that the international market wants. Croatia […]
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