The Dingač

by  |  15-08-2011

There’s been a flurry of activity lately in regards to Croatian wines and more specifically, the Croatian wine growing region of Dingač. This is typical for this summer holiday time of year as people head to Croatia, find the beach and then find tasty wine to go along with it. Now, there is often a bit of confusion around the term, Dingač. First and foremost, it’s a wine growing region in Southern Dalmatia. The wine generally planted there is the red grape, Plavac Mali, not a grape called “Dingač”. It’s just that due to this being the first protected wine region to be established in Croatia in 1961 (which was still Yugoslavia at the time) a great deal is made of a Plavac Mali wine that is grown in Dingač and thus it gives the appearance that this is a separate grape, when it’s not. It’s similar to how French […]
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