To Potomje and Kiridžija

by  |  15-11-2011

When you drive around for a half hour in a village with a population less than a metropolitan city block, you start to get frustrated when you can’t find one single vintner. Then, all of the sudden, you drive the opposite way down what seems to be a one way street and you come across a little winery hidden amongst the small, old streets of Potomje on the Pelješac Peninsula. The winery in question is Kiridžija. The owner, Vedran doesn’t make his presence very well know, but then again, he probably figures that those who need to find him will find him, since he’s been making wines in his location for about the last 16 years and his family has been making wines from before he can even remember, which would probably be somewhere around 300 years; the age of his home. He’s a quiet, reserved fellow whose wine does […]
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