Finding Matković Plavac Mali

by  |  12-03-2012

The Croatian postal system has this ‘fun’ tendency to put smaller towns in to a bigger town’s postal code. Well, actually, most of Europe does this. But, in the case of Matković who is the small village of Gruda, he is actually listed as being in Potomje. While incredibly close to one another, it makes finding him a nightmare for visitors new to the area. Thankfully, it turns out that if you ask three or so people to point you in the direction of his home and winery, you’ll eventually get there. Petar Matković’s family has had quite a history of winemaking. He is the 14th generation winemaker in his family. Despite the fact that they started in 1536, he had to start from zero, 15 years ago. Yugoslavian Communism had dealt a crushing blow to his family’s ability to make their own wines, since everything was channeled in to […]
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