Violić – Dingač 2015

I had the chance to sample this Pelješac wine from Violić recently which was quite interesting as it tastes more of the recent movement by some makers in the generally hearty Dingač region to literally lighten up. Historically, the Dingač wines have been beefier with heavy extraction, showing that Plavac Mali can be a writhing beast if left to ferment and age unchecked. This wine shows something different and I would credit the hand of the enologist who consults with them from having worked around the world and knowing that there’s more to life that a big, frontal attack in a wine, especially with a grape like Plavac that can be lacking in acidity.

This isn’t to say that this is light quaffing Pinot Noir or Mencía. No, it’s still very much Dingač but thankfully has left behind the aggressive, back hair-growing style one would often find in wines like Vinarija Dingač. As a side note, it seems we’ll really be leaving behind this old style as this former Yugoslavian Communist cooperative has gone into bankruptcy auction. I can’t say that I’m all that sad and if it forces some who were selling their grapes to get on the ball, start producing their own wines, and craft bottles similar to this, the Pelješac Peninsula might actually see something of a renaissance, although I’m not holding my breath given that I’ve been holding it for over a decade now.

This bottle was provided as a review sample by the winery

Dingač 2015
Ruby with garnet crest. Black currant, mulberry, light tar, graphite, kirsch, thyme initially with red fruit uptake. The plum, eucalyptus, buttery and limestone notes come out with more air. Dark, full black fruit in the body. Medium plus intensity. High tannins, medium acidity, medium finish. Overall layered and complex. Nose and palate are big departure from one another and needs decanting to sense Plavac character and with just 15 minutes, aspects all unify. Far too young to drink now and would do well to age 2-6 years. Lacking acidity to push much beyond that however.

100% Plavac Mali 14.5%