What is the “Guild of Sommeliers”?

by  |  20-02-2016

When I set down the path of sommelier studies something that was really confusing me (beyond my initial question to do WSET or CMS) was this thing called the Guild of Sommeliers. This was in part due to there also existing the Guild of Sommeliers Education Foundation as well as the International Sommelier Guild. These are all separate entities and the latter two are the easiest to define as the Education Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 that awards scholarships and works in conjunction with the Guild of Sommeliers. The International Sommelier Guild is another certifying body for sommeliers similar to although not nearly as famous nor rigorous as the Court of Master Sommeliers of which I currently hold the Certified Sommelier title. I mention my certification as the Guild of Sommeliers (or for brevity GuildSomm) is a very, very valuable website for anyone studying to earn these credentials. You can […]
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