Napa’s newest wine bar, Compline, opens

by  |  02-10-2017

It’s something like 15 years now since I was working full time for a Napa Valley winery and back then, I was lucky enough to based in San Francisco for most my work. I say “lucky” because I had to go up to Napa every week for meetings and the such. This may seem dreamy to many but once we’d get through business, the meetings would usually devolve into a bitchfest about the actual town of Napa. You see, most anyone who works in Napa Valley and isn’t fortunate to own one of the grand 19th century homes you see dotted along sceninc Highway 29, usually lives in Napa proper. No one was ever terribly happy about that as Napa was a sleepy town that seems to have had wine fame reluctantly thrust upon it. Despite the whole “Judgment of Paris” happening some two and a half decades prior to […]
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