A Judgment of Paris-y kind of tasting

by  |  26-02-2018

The “Judgment of Paris” is one of those things that anyone the least bit tinged with wine will most likely never let go of. Big events in wine are often only big to wine people, but when it comes to something like this, it was the first wine-type-thing to have happened that people outside of the trade could relate to, especially if from the USA. “California better than France? Okay, sounds great!” So then, we continue to talk about it, ad nauseam. Last week I was attending the Wine Writers Symposium. Steven Spurrier was the keynote speaker who happens to the man that pulled all of this together. A couple of fun bits he mentioned was that the quite lousy 2008 film, “Bottleshock” that was a supposed account of the event was as terrible as it was largely due to the filmmakers not realizing that Steven was still alive and […]
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