In Cain I Trust

by  |  17-06-2019

When writing about wine, everything digital is your best friend–right after a spittoon. A lightweight laptop, or in a pinch, the mobile, armed with either Google Keep for quick notes or Excel for longer tastings is simply a must. And the beauty of digital these days is that all your scribblings get whisked away to our almighty overlord, The Cloud, ready for extrapolation (and correcting scads of typos) at a later date. There are however times when digital isn’t appropriate and things go analog, with a penchant to then be misplaced… Such was the case at a dinner in Napa Valley at the now-closed Terra in Saint Helena. The host was Chris Howell of Cain and he brought along four vintages of their “Five” to taste with the meal. During this week in Napa I’d been tasting piles of wines that were somehow bent to taste the same, vintage in, […]
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