8000 Vintages, a new wine shop in age-old Tbilisi

by  |  10-09-2016

I’ve spent the last month running across the entire country of Georgia to research a new wine guide. When I tell people this, I feel the mental image is of me lounging in a pool, drunk, and shooting the shit with winemakers. Ironically, the reality is that I drank nothing during this month and was putting in 12-14 hour days to visit 4-6 wineries per day and drove some 5,000km during this time. It’s wonderful work but considerably different than a day jaunt up to Napa Valley. Included in this however is visiting businesses in the capital, Tbilisi, to see how wine is enjoyed when not out in the wine regions. Thus, I found my way to 8000 Vintages. This nod to Georgia’s extensive winemaking history is a combination wine shop and bar that opened up in May of this year at 26 Sulkhan Tsintsadze Street which I believe to […]
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