A taste of 67 Pall Mall

It was a bit over two years ago that I wrote about this new wine bar to open in Central London called, 67 Pall Mall. It was an exciting announcement as all the ideas behind it (which you can read in the first link) went along perfectly with my ideas of what a wine bar should be if I were to have the money to create such a venture. One side note is that in perfect English pronunciation of things, the name actually sounds somewhere between Pell Mall and Pall Mall although I’m sure I still don’t have it right…

Unfortunately, as it’s a Member’s Only affair and I’m up in London infrequently, I was unable to stop by for a look once it opened up so I was very happy to see in the large lists of documents from the Decanter judging that anyone who was a judge had an invitation one night to come and have a look around. As I quickly found out, many of my fellow judges were happy to have this opportunity and it seemed there were more people ready to attend this showing than the actual judge’s party the night before.

I arrived with a couple of other MW friends, some of which had thankfully become better friends after a week of tasting wines together, and we were rather disappointed to find that having arrived, we were to go up to 68 Pall Mall. This seemed like a bit of a let down until they started pulling out Gosset Champagne and the Third Growth Château d’Issan to ply our good graces. No one seemed put off by either gesture, nor the healthy offer of wondrously tasty appetizers.

The reason we’d been deposited up in this annex of the main bar actually served a purpose as it was explained by founder, Grant Ashton that this was the future of Pall Mall and they were currently working on revamping the space. This didn’t make much sense at first until we took a tour of the current area which, given the popularity of the place is indeed a bit small with its main room and mezzanine, and requires members to make a reservation if planning to come by in the evening. The staff readily admit that this isn’t ideal for anyone which is the need for the rapid expansion.

In a most wise of moves, once they had happily loosened us with excellent wine, they then had their well-groomed membership staff take us through all the sections including the quite cool bank vault downstairs (seen at the top) which was left over from the previous tenant, a bank. The kitchen is also based in these lower recesses and eventually it will all be linked up with the new space making for one wondrous palace of wine that only a city should as London could pull off.

I have to admit that their sales pitch was incredibly tempting and if I were in London just a bit more, I would probably take them up on it. If you live in London or find yourself there often and love wine or work in the trade, I can’t recommend it heartily enough. With 500 wines by the glass all served in Zalto stemware that made such a big order as to shut down the factory for two weeks, an establishment such as this is found in few if any other places.