Clos Garsed 1989

by  |  03-02-2015

The shortened form of Priorat history goes something along the lines of “The monks came in the 12th century. They made wine. René Barbier arrived in 1979, released a wine in 1989 with four other people. More people came. Priorat is now famous.” It’s an easy version to believe as a) it’s short and b) it’s what you generally hear repeated. There are however large tracts of narrative that are omitted in doing this and they’re quite crucial to understand the actual story. For starters, wine has been produced in Priorat continuously since the Romans arrived. This information doesn’t have the hard proof to it like other regions in Catalonia such as winemaking ruins under Barcelona but its been made for a long, long time. While often just seen as a Frenchman who popped on down, René Barbier was born in Catalonia and has know the region his whole life […]
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