Wine Bars in Yerevan, Armenia

by  |  09-12-2016

In February of 2013 the main editor of this website, Èlia, was in Armenia for the first time. Keep in mind that while this was just four years ago, trying to find out much about Armenian wine was incredibly difficult. Information was scattered and it seemed that there were a lot of stillborn cellar projects that would come out with wines one year and then vanish into the sands of time, never to be seen again. When it came to the wine bar scene, this was even more hard to pin down as there was just one, In Vino but it was truly brand spanking new, having just opened the end of December 2012. Èlia excitedly went and reported back as such: Nice place, pretty calm with some mellow guitarist playing. Not a lot of Armenian wines however but the owners are really enthusiastic and were happy to share what […]
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