Transparency, in wine certification

by  |  20-11-2020 ~ 2 Comments

I moved to Berkeley, California to complete a degree in English Literature at the University of California. Coming from a podunk town in the interior of California where most academic challenges top out at giving... more »

Taking stock of bottle-aged Sherry

by  |  11-11-2020

Despite the great quantity of books on Sherry these days (such as this one), it seems that we’re still lacking one which debunks all the misinformation, misconceptions, and plain old clichés cursing this fine wine.... more »

The one-year anniversary of the new

by  |  16-09-2020 ~ 4 Comments

Today marks the one-year anniversary since re-launching this website with a subscription system along with a wealth of other features that weren't possible in its previous, more casual incarnation. Obviously, we find ourselves in a... more »

Talking about Spain around the internets

by  |  28-08-2020

August is usually a pretty slow month of spending a few days at the beach, dinners of cold dishes, and trying to get in dog walks before walking in the sun scorches you to a... more »

How that “wine influencer” might well be a fraud

by  |  10-01-2019 ~ 12 Comments

"Influencer" is a word many of us will have heard of at this point even if not in marketing circles where it's the current brass ring in terms of social media advertising campaigns. In brief,... more »

Value a go-go: Lidl Crémant de Bourgogne Brut NV

by  |  25-07-2018

I don’t frequent the Lidl wine selection as much as I used to. It’s not as tight as it is in the UK and seems to have cozied up to the fact that Spaniards largely... more »

Wine buying in a vacuum:

by  |  28-05-2018 ~ 8 Comments

"Disruptive" is a term that raises my hackles. This is due to it being used either when referring to something like Uber who are outright breaking the law or then someone who is claiming to... more »
If you're not on social media, give people something to put there

The winemaker/winery guide to social media

by  |  04-04-2018 ~ 2 Comments

For anyone in wine, you've probably been constantly hearing how this generation or that generation or men or women or fill-in-the-blank is "now buying wine via social media!" Most of these articles usually make big... more »

Wine Instagram for wine lovers to follow and explore

by  |  12-02-2018

Before it became seen as yet another tool in social media marketing, Instagram was a great app to discover wines and wine regions from around the world. Despite all the noise, this is still the... more »
Simply cannot determine the original source...

The wine blog. Where from here?

by  |  30-01-2018 ~ 3 Comments

To a great extent, I've become numb to shocking headlines over the last year and half. But despite the constantly being on the brink of nuclear war and shithole talk, when I read "Huffington Post... more »