The best of Catalan white wines

Last fall, I received a commission from Decanter to do a report on the white wines of Catalonia for the March issue. As things work in the world of print, you submit the article in November and then the March issue comes out now in February. Hopefully anyone who is a subscriber has enjoyed it as it was an fun article to write and getting to see your name on an article that appears next to someone as esteemed as Sarah Jane Evans MW, is also a bit of a chuffing moment.

You of course may be asking yourself, “Wait, white wines in Catalonia? Sure, there’s Cava, but then there’s Priorat and Montsant with their big-bodied, delicious red wines. In fact, hold on a minute, Spain in general is know for red wines!” This has been the commonly-held premise and it’s why, if you poke around recent articles and wine magazine issues, you’ll see that the theme at the moment is showing that Spain does indeed have fine white wines and Catalonia is no different.

For the article, I tasted nearly 200 wines in total, in addition to having a wealth of other tasting notes from last year. This is always the problem as in the magazine, there’s space for 12 notable wines and then six featured cellars. But, there’s no way to get those without doing a broad-spectrum tasting so you’re left chopping a lot of people out and that sucks. And this without even including Priorat, Montsant, Empordà, Pla de Bages, or Alella where they’re also making fine white wines but as they’re not the main point of production, it was hard to justify including more than just a passing mention.

Thankfully, digital is here to pick up the pieces that paper leaves behind and I’m using this space to publish all the notes that I can. While normally I despise articles that are just a spew of tasting notes because they’re boring as hell, it’s really the only way I can bust out some props that are most definitely due to these winemakers in Penedès and Terra Alta:

Penedès wines | Terra Alta wines