Georgian wine evolution: Kvevri gold at Decanter Awards

by  |  04-07-2018

Given my living location and writing focus I’m viewed as a “Spain person” for the Decanter Awards. This is great and I’m very happy to judge these wines but I made a mention to the organizer that due to my Georgia book coming out last year, I have familiarity with that country as well and if they needed anyone, I’d be happy to join in. When I received my final schedule, it turned out that I was a full three days on the “hinterlands” (basically former Soviet Union) and so for all the 100 or so Georgian wines that were entered into competition, I was one of the judges. This offered an interesting opportunity to see what Georgia is sending out to represent the country. As it is the with the actual case domestically, the wines were dominated by “international” style wines and not the traditional kvevri wines. Looking back […]
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