Amber versus Orange wine

by  |  19-06-2017

This is an expanded excerpt from the new Georgian wine book Red wines in Georgia–whether aged in kvevri, barrel, tank, or what have you–are indeed some take on the color we all know as “red” and while coming in a variety of shades, no one would look at one and say, “I think that we should call this, ‘green’ wine.” But the wines made from white wine grapes and then aged in kvevri don’t often turn out “white” as how we think when looking at say, a Burgundy Chardonnay or Italian Pinot Grigio. They are definitely ad undeniably a darker hue. Due to the much longer contact with the skins, white wines will typically be of an “amber” shade in color which has become the generally-preferred tint when talking about these kinds of wines. This hasn’t always been the case and many people still use the descriptor “orange”, which is […]
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