Traditional kvevri opening

by  |  21-10-2016

While traversing across all of Georgia for a new wine book, I saw many things and then, when I arrived to the “Ancestral Wine Cellar” in Kakheti, I saw a few more. The Sagvareulo family who own this 19th century cellar have done heavy renovations to it which included restarting the production of wine. As was the general theme of that day wherein we ended up visiting six cellars in the region, we were late. While my assistant called ahead to apologize for this, we thought we were just running late for a meal with the family. It turned out to be a great deal more as once we walked into the old cellar for a quick view and walked out, a men’s choir started belting out traditional Georgian songs. This followed us as we walked through all the parts of this quite wonderful home and then arrived to a […]
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