Kizikuri Tradiciuli: in search of Georgian terroir

by  |  25-11-2019

“Would you like to go see our vineyard?” After many visits to Georgian wineries, it was that first time I’d had this question posed by a winemaker in this, “The Cradle of Wine”. Many recent fans of Georgian wine may not realize that all those “natural” wines made there (for 8,000 years!) are usually produced with non-organic grapes that are purchased from others and are often farmed in many a manner that wouldn’t meet even the loosest of definitions in natural wine (ie non-organically). This overweight focus on traditional winemaking methods via kvevri has taken the eyes away from what is actually happening in the vineyards unfortunately. And that’s why my visit to Kizikuri Tradiciuli’s vineyards was a welcome change and also quite interesting as whether they’re aware of it or not, they’re at the forefront of the fight to define Georgian winemaking terroir. Another Kakheti is possible? When I’d […]
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