Qvevri, or perhaps kvevri? Do-Re-Mi – Ojaleshi 2016

by  |  24-05-2019

There exists two spellings of name for the ancient Georgian clay pot used to aged their wines in the traditional manner: Kvevri and Qvevri. The first is the correct spelling and the second is an invention that someone came up with because they thought “it looked nicer” while ignoring the fact that it made a difficult, yet quite crucial word in Georgian wine, harder to say. What’s interesting is that while the majority of wine producers have chosen the “qvevri” spelling, there are a handful that stick with Kvevri as I assume it makes things more consistent. One of these is the winery of Do-Re-Mi. They started out quite small in 2014 and it wasn’t to profile them in the Georgian wine book but on every subsequent visit back to the country, I find myself drinking their wines with a regularity not found in most other wineries. There’s a simple […]
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