The Georgian kvevri winemaking process

by  |  26-08-2016

As I’m currently in Georgia for a research trip (order the book), I thought it might be a good moment to discuss production of wine using the ancient kvevri method. For most people, just even the name kvevri seems difficult to wrap your head around but it’s actually not (read up on Georgian/Sakartvelo pronunciation.) And as foreign as this method may seem to anyone who is used to wine being aged in oak barrels, it’s actually quite simple and has been in use for over 8,000 years. The kvevri is buried in the ground with a layer of lime around the exterior for sanitation and then a layer of beeswax on the inside. Once the grapes are harvested, for both red and white wines, everything (seeds, stems, skins, and juice) is tossed in to the kvevri after being lightly crushed for fermentation and stays there for at least six months […]
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