Knowing the Georgian wine scene

by  |  18-10-2016

Despite being in the top 25 producers in the world according to OIV statistics, with around 100 million liters of production a year, Georgia is not one of the world’s largest winemaking countries. What makes it unique is the incredible length of time that wine has been produced in Georgia (as well as the greater Caucasus region) which, due to an archeological dig in the Kvemo Kartli region, places wine production as having been ongoing for at least the last 8,000 years. Two Georgias? There are essentially two unrelated worlds when it comes to the wines of the country. The first sector is the biggest and claims somewhere around 98-99% of the total production. These are the larger producers who range from former USSR collectives to modern, purpose-built cellars like Badagoni just outside the town of Telavi. While these producers primarily use the native Georgian grapes (with an emphasis on […]
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