Who are top wine influencers on social media? No one.

by  |  08-01-2016

I love it when articles like this one come out listing the top people in wine social media. My reason for loving this is quite simple in that it allows me to use a word I don’t often use as I’m not British which is, bollocks. Beyond the fact that the author of the article also pops up as the 4th “most influential” person in wine social media is that this list commits a seriously felony in that it blends people from the real world with people from the digital world. Suffice to say, would I buy a wine recommended by Wine Spectator? Sure. Jancis Robinson? You bet. Tim Atkin? Probably. Decanter? Indeed. A list of these types are a list of people or entities that have a solid presence in the real world which has then followed them in to the digital world. I’ve got another news for you […]
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