Like any good lover of all things sword fighting, I’ve finally all caught up on Game of Thrones. I bring this up because there doesn’t seem to be episode where the characters aren’t drinking. Much like Mad Men, but not, they’re almost always imbibing wine and if possible, the Dornish vintages.

Given the level of geekdom around this series and the books, I wondered if anyone had written up more on the wines. Naturally, yes, they had. This breakdown on Wine Folly goes beyond just typing the “known” wine regions and even elaborates on what could be grown in the other regions, comparing them to actual regions in our “real” world. A good read if you’re in to Game of Thrones and wine, or even just one or the other.

Of course there’s more than writing about the wines out there as shown by this cookbook. Will the insanity end? Never! Or, at least until Season 3 rolls around.