What private, or “own-label” wines bring to the table

by  |  19-05-2016

If there is one thing more tedious than wine articles, it’s wine articles about other wine articles which is why I try not to do it much here, although I do renege on this from time to time. This is one of those times as yesterday I read a very enjoyable article at Jancis Robinson’s website about “own-label” wines, which Americans or others might know as “private label”. These are essentially wines made by a winery for someone else to sell and market with their, yes, own label. One of the more successful examples of this from Priorat is the “Black Slate” line from European Cellars which is made for Eric Solomon’s import company in several different villages and cellars but all carrying his label and as I’ve understood from the people who have had the wines (you can’t find them in Spain) they represent an excellent value for the […]
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