Bordeaux takes off the blinders

by  |  09-02-2016

There has been a bit of a controversy brewing with the forthcoming Bordeaux en primeur tastings in that the Union des Grands Crus or essentially, the powers that be, have banned blind tasting for any journalist covering the releases. While I’ve written about blind tasting previously, let’s back up for a minute to sum up what the en primeur exactly is. Say you wanted to buy a new Toyota and to do so, you went to one of the factories in Japan. There they presented you with a pile of steel, plastic, copper, and glass. Then they said, “This will be your new car. Picture it! Of course it won’t look like what you see here at all. Oh and we may have selected the best of the raw materials we have and they’re not truly representative of what will be in the final car.” And that, is en primeur. […]
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