Muscadet! Hemming decries as the hipsters re-tumblrate

by  |  04-03-2013

In a recent article, Richard Hemming on Jancis Robinson’s site stated, “Every cheap Pinot Grigio or branded Sauvignon Blanc we default to is a vote against Muscadet”. His point wasn’t so much that Muscadet is the de facto, de puta madre wine of the moment (although hipsters think so) but more a question as to why we’re overlooking these smaller grapes and regions in favor of drinking what amounts to being uninteresting “mondovino“? Hemming goes on to make sure that people are clear that this isn’t some misplaced charity action and that Muscadet wines are indeed good. We agree with this as at Monvínic recently we had the opportunity to taste some and were duly impressed with the expression of the Melon de Bourgogne grape in these wines such as from Domaine Landron. They were unique, different, and flat-out addictive. We highly recommend you taste Muscadet if you get the […]
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