The blind tasting the blind

by  |  20-06-2012

Recently the topic has again been re-opened as to whether we can taste the difference between red and white wines or cheap from expensive when blindfolded. It’s a good question that piques my interest to test out, but as of yet, I never seem to have to the time really delve in to it. This blog did and the results were inconsistent for colors, but there seemed to be a singular consensus that they were able to correctly choose the expensive wine versus the cheap. That wasn’t the case in two much longer articles on The New Yorker and The Atlantic. While they didn’t delve in to the white/red comparison as much, they brought up a study that showed that people really can’t tell the difference between say, a wine from New Jersey and a Bordeaux Premier Cru. The creator of this study was a one Frédéric Brochet who is […]
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