A wine educator that’s certifiable?

by  |  16-10-2012

Certification programs whether they be Sommelier, Master Taster, Supreme Wine… I don’t know… Drinker, seem to be popping up faster than CO2 during initial fermentation these days. In the US, random certifications are like opinions in that everyone seems to have one and they generally garner an “oh, okay” unless they’re something exclusive like the Master of Wine. Then one day, while perusing Twitter, I came across someone with “certified Spanish Wine Educator” in their bio. That was a bit of a head scratcher, so I searched around and found out that it’s given by the very creatively named The Wine Academy. (Update: site appears to be no more…) What’s most important to look at in this website is their program which costs nearly 1,000€ for two days after which, those who participate become what they deem to be “Spanish Wine Educators”. While I find it to be extremely expensive, […]
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