Napa Valley after journalism

by  |  13-03-2013

An article came out in Spain’s El País newspaper on Sunday which is now available to read online. The title is “Napa después de ‘Entre copas’” which in English is “Napa after Sideways” given that for some reason the film, “Sideways” was translated to “Between glasses” in the Spanish release of the film. El País is a widely-read, well-respected publication in Spain and this journalist, Toni García was apparently invited to Napa Valley by the tourism authority to write this article. That’s all well and good except that it appears Mr. García went there with this idea stuck in his head of “How is Napa Valley doing after this film?” and wouldn’t budge from the premise no matter how many facts got in his way. This is ridiculous given that Sideways took place in fucking Santa Barbara, not Napa Valley. Santa Ynez Valley, to be specific. “Oh, but surely they’re […]
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