Vino de pago, Vi de finca, & Grand Cru

by  |  22-06-2015

It seems that nearly every year now, a new “vi de finca” comes on to the market in Catalunya. Great, what on earth does this mean? And in case that’s not enough of a mystery you should also take a look as to what’s a paratge? Grand Cru Let’s back it up to France as, for better or worse, that’s generally where definition of wine things start. “Grand Cru” in France is a vineyard of the highest level of classification in Burgundy or Alsace. There are also the “Premier Cru” which are a step below, but let’s not get in to that. Oh-so famous Romanée-Conti? That’s a Burgundy Grand Cru. Of course just to keep things murky, Saint-Émilion also uses Grand Cru but as a name to classify a chateau, not to classify a vineyard. This system of vineyard classification was made official in the 1930s but this was after […]
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